Life threatening situation? Always call 112

Does the out-of-hours GP service record telephone calls and is this allowed?

  • Does the out-of-hours GP service record telephone calls and is this allowed?

    Yes. All phone calls are automatically recorded. The calls are recorded from the moment the out-of-hours GP service picks up the phone until the moment the connection with the assistant or GP is lost. All incoming telephone calls to the out-of-hours GP service are recorded and stored for quality purposes and in accordance with the statutory objection period. The recorded conversations are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are subject to medical confidentiality. If you have a complaint about the handling of your request for GP care, you can listen to the conversation. To do this, an application must be submitted and a procedure must be completed. The recorded calls are […]

  • What are the telephone costs?

    You can call the out-of-hours GP service at a local rate. These are the costs of using your (mobile) phone. The amount of these costs depends on your telephone provider. The costs of a telephone consultation are separate from this. The basic insurance covers the costs of the general practitioner and therefore also of the out-of-hours GP service. If you are insured, the bill will go directly to your health insurer. If you are not insured, you pay the costs of the consultation or prescription directly at the out-of-hours GP service. You can only pay by debit card at the post. Payment must be made prior to the consultation.

  • What happens when I call?

    You will have a well-trained and experienced triage assistant on the line. They prefer to have the patient on the line. If you are calling for someone else, make sure that you are with the patient and that you have all their personal details at hand. Depending on your situation: Are you dealing with a life-threatening situation? Press ‘1’ on your phone. You will then be given priority.

  • Can I get the GP on the phone?

    No. The phone is answered by a specially trained assistant. The assistant will give you good advice. This advice is always checked by the general practitioner. If necessary, the assistant will also make the appointments for a visit to the post office or a doctor’s visit at your home.

  • Why do I need to call first?

    The out-of-hours GP service provides emergency care. To assess the degree of urgency, the doctor’s assistant will ask you a number of questions about your emergency health complaints. Only then can the assistant determine how quickly and what help is needed. In this way, an appointment can be scheduled if necessary, so that you do not have to wait unnecessarily long when you come to the post.

  • Why are so many questions asked on the phone?

    There are two types of questions that are asked; about your personal data and about your medical data. Your personal data is intended for our administration and the GP on duty. Questions about your health are to estimate how quickly you need to be helped and by whom. The assistant on the phone is specially trained for this purpose. Afterwards, all her advice is reviewed by the GP.

  • When do I call the out-of-hours GP service and when do I go to the hospital’s Emergency Department?

    The out-of-hours GP service is there for urgent health complaints, for which you would otherwise call your GP. The Emergency Department at the hospital is intended for serious situations, where the help of a medical specialist is required. When in doubt, call the out-of-hours GP service first.